"Linen Department Store" Is Coming Finally! - Part 1
Amazon is ambitious for physical retail, and its purchase for Macy’s flag store marks the trend that traditional retail is being replaced by online commerce.
iPhone with USB-C?
The European Union is working to promote USB-C as a universal charging interface.
Google’s Drone Delivery Service
Drone express is not suitable in cosmopolitan cities.
Google’s Drone Delivery Service
This article introduces the scheduling method of the Wing drones, which is very similar to that of a small airport.


How to Tame the “Wild Horse” Automatic-driving? - Part 7
Elon Musk believe autopilots with simple optical cameras and human-like vision are more promising.
To transform 4000 data centers, the United States will extract rare earths from used hard disks (4)
Through the operation principle, firstly introduce the problems that the solid state disk has in data storage—“one broke, all lose”, then point out the advantages of hard disk drive in this aspect, and finally introduce the current situation of hard disk drive business, and forecast the future development of its business.
Application of GPS on the Moon
This article shows two reasons why building a GPS on the Moon is better. One is out of consideration for the future and the other is that it is a convenient way.
Another version of Win10 gets left out by Microsoft (IV)
Microsoft got to learn the ecosystem on how Apple makes a self-developed chip to operate in their hardware devices. It may take some time for all devices and platforms to be ready to use, but in near future, it is possible to see the wide implementation of the chip.
Mechanical hard drives will be eliminated? (III)
It is crucial for scientists to find ways to manage the thickness of COC in order for them to increase the mechanical hard drive’s storage capacity per square inch.
15 shortcut keys and touchpad operation of Win10 (II)
Using the mouse to operate can be time-consuming and laborious, but according to the needs, there are appropriate shortcut keys to be used, whether to minimize windows or hide windows; whether to take full-screen capture or customized screenshot.
307 years! Long Journey of Keyboards (1)
Computer keyboards we use now mainly originated from typewriters. This article focuses on the era of typewriters and introduces the invention of the qwerty keyboard layout.

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